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Since starting the blog I've been in contact with some amazingly talented people, so I'm pretty excited to have a new feature on the blog, Ask A Pro - you can send in your questions and a pro (depending on the question will answer them) handy or what! 
first up a makeup question sent in from a bride to be :)

I would like to know what make up look i should go for my wedding? I'm looking for something that has the wow factor and not not common and typical. What do you suggest.

A great question but it does depend on the outfit and the persons features as every face is unique, and different eye/lip shapes suit different things nonetheless as a general answer

Browns/Bronze smokey eyes are the standard common look. I mean don't get me wrong it works and looks great but if you're looking for something a bit more daring and wow i would go for the heavy all black smokey eye and rather than having just the plain black liner on the bottom i would use the outfit colour too or just on the inner corners (depends on the outfit colour again). If you have small eyes i would definitely use white liner for your bottom eye line to open them up and make them look fresh!

Lips - whatever colour you go for (depends on the outfit) make it bold i say and to make them stand out more i would fill the lips with liner, then lipstick and pat down with some glitter before applying a thin layer of gloss to make them look supper sparkly and delicious ;)

Remember just because you wear a bright colour it doesn't mean that you have to tone down the make up at all! No such rule!! Look at my snow white (below) for example...electric blue saree with gorgeous red lips...it works and it's sexy! ;)

Fairytale princesses - Snow White

Hope that helps 
Deena x x x

So there you have it, i hope you like this new addition to the blog, you can email in your questions to asianweddingideas@gmail 

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snow white picture credits:
Model: Jennifer Adagio
Photography: Dimitra Sardi
Hair and Make Up: Deena

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  1. Oh my God, this is an amazing look :) I love how you blended the colours together, good job :) Makeup Artist Sydney


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