Royal Wedding - Effects on the "Asian Wedding"

The Royal Couple

So you along with the rest of the world you watched the royal wedding, everything was much talked about, the dress, the hair, makeup. Its no wonder that copy cat dresses are already available, and of course people will want a similar cakes, hair, heck some brides might even want to do their on makeup (like Kate did).

could you see yourself, swapping the red for white?

But what about Asian weddings, one does wonder if it will effect them too, will we be seeking inspiration from this spectacular wedding, well I asked some industry professionals for their thoughts.

Marc, Scarlet Events - London
I think the Royal Wedding had a huge impact on the Asian Wedding industry over the Bank holiday weekend. All of our brides want to look and feel like a Princess on their Wedding day and a Royal Wedding is every Brides dream. There has been a massive last minute demand, by our clients for Royal colour schemes. Our clients had already decided on their colours according to what they were wearing so the main colour scheme couldn't be changed last minute, however what they did ask for was to add in the colour Gold as a secondary colour or a highlight. Gold is associated with Royalty so this was by far the biggest demand we had and the great thing about Gold is that it works well with almost every colour. Those clients who had Gold as their main colour scheme asked for other Royal colours to be added into their theme such as Red, Purple and Blue. Overall I think the Royal Wedding has only played a short term effect on the Asian Wedding industry and I think in the long term it will go back to being somewhat traditional.

Jules, Chester Cakes - Cheshire
We think that there was such a good feel good factor behind the build up to the Royal wedding and it's been a long time since the last memorable one of Charles and Di.
I think people might be seeing the romantic side to getting married these days, we have definitely seen an increase in wedding cake orders since earlier this year and a few couples have mentioned about the Royal wedding when we've had a general chats about what they are planning for their big day. It's been said that marriages have been at there lowest for some time now and it would be great to think that an occasion as important as the Royal wedding would be enough encouragement for couples to tie the knot.

So its seems the after effects maybe a little short lived when it comes to the “asian wedding”  but we will have to wait and see if the effects filter to real weddings and bridal gowns. At least the romance factor is on the up :)

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