Hajibi Rock The Dress Shoot by Sofi Seck Photography

I haven't really done much on the hijab front for a while now (my bad) but I hope this will makeup for it!! Hijabi Rock The Dress Shoot!! :) i know doesn't get any better. I'm thrilled to see this, and a little proud. I wish more girls would get up and do this kind of shoot, so many awesome female photographers, so there are no excuses.. But seriously i do hope this trend catches on, not only brides wearing hijab (you modestly rock it out) but just more rock the dress shoots per se, with south asians.  I mean have you seen some of the dresses, you don't need a better reason to rock!!

But right now feast your eyes on some gorgeous photography by the oh so talented Sofi Seck and how stunning is the bride Anisa? exactly..

Do you love it? or do you love it?

I'm going to do a post, bit later on, about what exactly is a rock the dress shoot and how to do you go about it soon, so look out for that!

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