Update - Social Networking!!

Hello lovely people, hope you've all had a lovely weekend in the glorious sunshine! that's right my weekend just finished yesterday!

Now I know no one is talking about any other wedding other than Will and Kate's this week, but hey what about the rest of us, who else is getting married this week??

can't moan about that!

I'm celebrating this week too, it's our wedding anniversary this Saturday, traditional gift for this anniversary would be iron or sugar..so I'll let you work out how many years that is :)

look forward to sharing next week, weather i was whisked off to the Bahamas or not!!

After much consideration, i am now tweeting! i had to stop myself from following every celeb i love, well at least until i get the hang of twitter, I did wonder do i really need another social networking account to update? well yes, it would seem so, now you can choose to have all your blog update via facebook or twitter :) plus its easier way of  getting in touch instead of email.

hop on over to our tumbr blog currently it has lots of black and white inspiration on it, I'm still working on the best way to use tumblr, but don't you love B&W pictures?  later on in the week, you can see lots of  yellow ideas on there!!

I'm in holiday mode right now so expect lots of visual treats here..and maybe just a couple of posts about the royal wedding!!

plate via john lewis here

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