Shozna & The Raishma Islam Dress!!

We really haven't had much on the way of the royal wedding in the blog, but one things is for sure its changed and inspired brides for sometime to come, (blue sapphire engagement ring anyone) but I'm glad that Prince William is evoking his mother’s memory by making this the first people’s royal wedding , but that's what sets him apart, so weather you are a fan or not, of the royal family it doesn't matter, lets face it, the future queen has gorgeous hair and is already a style icon and William has a heart of gold!

That couldn't be seen more clearly than now,with Shozna,(read more here and here) 20, the girl who up until a year ago was homeless, she received a invite after meeting Prince William at a homeless charity gala last summer.

In true fairy tale fashion designer Raishma Islam, one-time assistant to Prince Diana's dress designer Elizabeth Emanuel is designing her dress. 

” Raishma told the daily mail, I am thrilled to be creating something really special for Shozna. Her story is incredibly moving and she is a delight to dress as she is so lovely and petite. We sat down together and discussed shapes and colours and came up with the idea of a strapless papaya orange and red dress, with a matching red bolero (jacket). Now the clock is running as I have literally days to make the outfit from scratch, totally made to measure and with some of my signature, ornate beading.”

The gown, worth £1,500, is made from silk hand-dyed in India and will be embellished with hand-sewn beading and embroidery.

Shozna has also got to pick a pair of nude-coloured heels from bridal favorite, Jimmy Choo, along with a matching clutch. Her hair will done by Warren Holmes, creative international director for Nicky Clarke, and celebrity make-up artist Armand Beasley will also help Shozna look her very best for the wedding.

what a lucky girl, and she truly deserves every minute of it, can't wait to see her on Friday!

i don't mean to shamelessly plug but we had a Q & A session with raishma islam, just a couple of weeks ago, who knew, global stars right on the blog! :) catch it here

photo credit - daily mail

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