{Q&A} Pavan Ahluwalia - The Worlds Fastest Henna Artist

No Asian wedding would be complete with of mendhi/henna. When i got married i had it all up my arms and feet! You could say i love henna.
So when i saw Asian Women magazine, with Alesha Dixon on the cover i was in awe of gorgeous mendhi and no wonder it was done by Pavan Ahluwalia who is the Guinness World Record Holder for being the fastest in her trade. In just one hour she painted a staggering 314 armbands – where each design had to be different from the other – beating the previous record by a mind-blowing 100 armbands. Now remember eastenders first ever Asian wedding, that's right she did the mendhi for it.

lets have a little one on one with her and see whats she has to say!

Pavan with ASIAN WOMEN cover girl Alesha Dixon
I started doing Mehndi because…. I used to love weddings and the henna night was always fun for me.  I loved having my henna done but it was a bit hit and miss.  Either I would like the design but the colour was not very good, or I didn’t like the design much and it seemed to come out extremely dark! So I thought why not try and get it right!

With all the magazine and TV  work, do you still do bridal mendhi? Yes this will always be something I work on.

What style of mendhi is your favorite?  The most popular at the moment is the traditional design with a western twist. I love this as it is very relevant to today’s bride, living in Britain but having the traditional culture.  I also match the designs to the brides outfit, and have matching colours of glitter and diamante.

What’s the most popular or requested design… The Shaadi Chic package a traditional mehndi package with a western twist.

My style is… to meet the bride’s requirements.  My personal style is to make the fashion element part of the henna.
With Preeya Kalidas on the set of eastenders

Brides having there mendhi done by me will.. Appreciate the personal service I offer.

My biggest achievement to date is…my Guinness World Record.

You probably won’t know this but…I always thought I would be in PR.

My next challenge will be…whatever opportunity knocks on my door.

What’s the next big thing you predict for brides.. I think the traditional work is coming back, although I think the diamantes will remain popular as it gives that life to the henna and adds that bit of bridal glamour?

Do you ever get star struck?  Yes all the time! But I try and keep my cool lol

Who has been your favorite star so far that you have worked with??  All of them have been a pleasure to work with.

Finally, what’s the set of eastenders really like?  Lots of fun!       

Sugababes - Heidi Range 

Sugababes - Jade Ewen

Sugababes - Amelle Berrabah

Shoes for Preeya on BBC - 1Xtra - what an amzaing idea

Preeya Kalidas
Alesha Dixon

This is mearly a snippt of the amazing work Pavan has done, you can also see the work she did with the sugababes here

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photo via Pavan Ahluwalia 

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