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Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, started and Pakistan Fashion Design Council’s Sunsilk Fashion Week just ended, it seems throughout the year one fashion week starts and another ends. And the spotlight is firmly on the sub continent, which is a great thing, but beneath the super glossy exterior, it seem we are still backwards.  The telegraph reported that Indian models were accusing their own fashion industry of racism over the increased use of foreign white models over darker-skinned local girls.

Dipannita Sharma believes it will take years for prejudice in the Indian fashion industry to fade
Its not just the fashion industry though is it, In South Asian culture, were obsessed, in our quest to be fair, the british may have left India 60 odd years ago but did they leave us with a inferiority complex??  you just need to look at the sales of fair and lovely, pharmaclinix lightenex to know what i mean..

How ironic though in the western world, people want to be darker, "tanned" equals sexy and glowing, bronzed, and golden yet in  India and Pakistan, 
white is seen as beautiful and black as ugly, no wonder there is lack of darker skinned girls in our magazines and ramps.

Pranab Awasti of Delhi's Glitz Modelling agency, said Indians themselves preferred white skin to their own and craved "fair" complexions.

This time last year Indian Vogue run a cover entitled The Dawn of Dusk, it was in response to the growing market for skin-whitening creams caused by lighter-skinned film stars and models represented in Indian media. 
Vogue In. doing its part to dispel discrimination on the basis of skin colour by featuring five darker-skinned models on its cover

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read the full telegraph article here

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  1. pakistan bridal fashion7 April 2011 at 22:25

    its honestly only jus da aunti jis who r obsd wid fair skin.. dey jus expect evry gal ta b lyt skind othrwise dey frown upon u.. so plzzz aunti jis leave us brown skind gals alone !!!!


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