Happy Monday! This Week @ Blog HQ

Morning and happy Monday..someones in a good mood you might be thinking, well yes i am :))

now i believe this is effect's of the sun, it has to be the whole weekend was just lovely, proper get the t-shirt and BBQ out sort of weather, and with this i even started my plan to be healthy, (lets see how long it last this time)

breakfast - fruit salad                                                        lunch - grilled chicken and cous cous !!

great stuff planned this week - shoes fit for a princess! two - q & a sessions, pictures from Willis fashion week, and i somehow forgot to post some total gems from ace photographer Sharon Nayak, i know how could i, so I'll fit them in this week.

and my most exciting news, i am doing some designing this weekend! sooner than i thought by hey.. so excited, i practically was dreaming about it last night.

for now here's my inspiration

tea cups in a little shop in town

polka dot cupcake cases

I'm also making or should i say attempting to make macaroons and cake pops for the weekend, i figure if i start today by then i should have made something edible!!

Since i mention sweet goods, why have just one wedding cake when you can have two, that's what Prince William and Kate Middleton are doing, I'll be having a look at what the "other cake " is.

{NEWS} hold on to your debit card ladies SHYAMAL & BHUMIKA are coming to London... I'll post more details soon.

that's all for now, be back soon with a beautiful vintage garden tea party, start thinking now about your outdoors wedding :)

{p.s.} big thank to everyone that's been in touch about the blog, and what to do and not! the brutal honesty was, eh rather refershing :) 


  1. looking forward to seeing the designing that you do! Please post that!

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