Wedding Wear Inspiration - Sari Time's - Anushka Sharma & Sonam Kapoor

Isnt this colour so refreshing?? like the sari and love the colour... 

Anushka Sharma @ FICCI Frames inauguration 

again loving the colours here, Sonam looking super cute with her simple hair and earrings...mind you she can do no wrong in my book so I'll leave it at that  :)  

Sonam Kapoor @ Sammir Dattani's Wedding Reception 

the sari is crushed silk! i don't know if many of us would even wear, crushed silk...??

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Pinkvilla, filmi cafe

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  1. I think crushed silk can look matronly, which is why most of us avoid it, it's too stiff and adds weight, but here, as a sari, it drapes well, and the colour is bright and pretty enough to keep it from looking like her mother should be wearing it.


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