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I'm having wedding film envy right now, I saw these films on a couple of blogs now, and they make me grin like Cheshire cat! The couples personalities really shine, that’s is of course down to the lovely couples, but its also down to the the one doing the shooting, and the man in questions is, Vishal Punjabi - The Wedding Filmer!

Until recently he was producing and directing commercials for Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment a place he worked for over ten years, doing graphics and visual effects for films like Main Hoon Na, Paheli, Don & Honeymoon travels, so there really never was any doubt, that his new venture would be a success. Drawing on a huge pool of bollywood and Fashion talent to create filmi magic. 

With his idea beginning at his own wedding, with no videographer, Vishal himself decided to capture his wedding with whatever little equipment he had, and of course some brilliant cinematographers friends. The finished film went online and became an instant hit, and with requests from all over the world pouring in. The rest as they say is history.. 

What about the Wedding Filmer then, well the man quite literally behind the camera puts it perfectly himself. 

“ Ever tried watching a wedding video which turns out to be four hours of badly edited, terribly shot & never-ending footage of randomness. It’s plain painful to watch. That’s not what memories should be made up of.”

"What we do is create memories for you to treasure for years to come in the form of beautifully captured films of your wedding days and Each wedding is catered to uniquely and each couple get to choose from a trailer of the wedding, a full length film (ranging from 5mins to an hour long) along with the coverage of the entire event."

So what does some that loves his job have to say about his new role?
“It’s the best form of film-making I have experienced. Every emotion felt is real.
Nothing is staged. What I grew to realize is during the wedding, everyone involved is so busy hosting and making sure everything is right, they miss the emotions they need to go through. Watching them feel those emotions when they watch my films is the best appreciation I have known as a film-maker.

It’s amazing, the people I get to meet, getting to know each bride and groom so well, making so many new friends everyday... Being around so much love. It’s better than The Filmfare Awards!”

So if your in India, well lucky you, if your anywhere else in the world, The Wedding Filmer does destination weddings :)

And here for your viewing pleasure is some delightful films they have done... enjoy!!





The magic makers...The Wedding Filmer Team
 Vishal and his my team. From left to right is Hojo (camera), Vishal (director / Camera), Kate (producer / camera), Ashima (camera)

facebook page here

See Vishals own wedding film / showreel here

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