Hair Trends/Ideas - From The Glee Girls

Lea Michele - the Messy Side

Step 1: you can easily achieve Leas's look on a day old hair. Apply Aussie dual personality texturising & conditioning gel spray to make styling more manageable.

Step 2: Slick the sides of your hair back and secure in a small bun at the back using the babyliss elastics and ponytailer leaving the top section loose for curling.

Step 3: Next, heat the babyliss small conical wand and gently curl the front section so that your waves fall forward.

Dianna Agron - Clipped Up Curls

Step 1: Apply TIGI bed head foxy curls contour cream to wet hair before rough drying your lengths

Step 2: Smooth hair using a paddle brush before curling large sections with the Babyliss Pro Dial a Heat tong, For glam curls like Dianna's leave the roots smooth and bring the twists forward to fall over your shoulders

Step 3: Next, pin the sides up with trevor sorbie black bobby pins, or some sparkly pins, allowing the curls to cascade.

credits - just jared, vimeo, text hair ideas

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