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If you follow blogs or like or should that be luurve your makeup then you will no doubt know who I'm talking about when i mention Pixiwoo, if not then please read on and I'll tell you all..sisters Samantha and Nicola Chapman, are makeup artists, who are not only so down to earth, charming and beautiful, but super talented at what they do.

They do celebrities, trends, and every day look, but also creative, dramatic looks, on their you tube channel, that would definitely get a few raised eye brows if you wore to work, 
but i love them, it is more about inspiration, experimenting and enjoying makeup.  

This maybe the reason i have found myself harboring thoughts of packing it all in and going of to London to train as a makeup artist :)

Its hard to pick what to watch, you'll just have to watch them all but here's some 
to get you started! here here and here and do check out the blog www.pixiwoo.com

snap shot of their you tube channel

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