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When i first came across Devnaa i thought it was going to be another "oh look what i found post" but it has turned into so much more, i contact Jay Rawal, who along with his sister Roopa we are the founding partners of Devnaa. About their sweets and he said he would send me some Devnaa Signature Chocolates out to try :)

I'm so glad he did, instead of just drooling over the like of Cardamom & Coconut Truffle or Saffron Caramel Truffle, i got to taste them, or what was left after everyone at home got their hand on them.

You can't help  but ohh and ahhh over the packaging, cute tiffin inspired boxes, contain 
chocolates that are wrapped oh so nicely in coloured paper

Now desi people do like sweets to be sweet and these are, you cant scoff a whole box, and you wouldn't want to either, these are luxury chocolates, each one has its individual taste and its something you want to enjoy... an indugent treat! for me Chai Masala Truffle and rose cream were divine..

So much so that after a couple of days when the chocs had finished i went and ordered up some of the indian inspired sweets online, (all in the name of research of course)  i adore barfi as is, so maybe I'm biased but i loved these, favorites were coconut karma, and devnaa delight. 

Now before i go on and on, i can only say try them for yourself and leave you with these, drool worthy pictures...

How cute is this box? 
There is just one problem with these sweets ...never enough

Tiffin Inspired box

D is for Devine

The chocolates and other sweets can all be ordered online and delivered straight to your door, but that's not all Devnaa do...they have a whole host of bespoke wedding services, from chocolate or biscuit favors to cupcakes to yummy desserts. 

Shrikand with a spiced peach compote 

Fresh Mango, Fresh Cream and Homemade Yoghurt

Mini Floral Cupcakes - Part of the bespoke service.

Signature Favour Biscuit.

Jalebi coated in dark chocolate

Devnaa 6 Piece Gift Box.

Wedding Favour - Gold/Ivory Theme. boxes and ribbons are available in a variety of colours to match the theme of your event.

Coconut & Raspberry Nankhatai

Signature Favour Biscuit.
Baked Gulab Jamun

Raspberry with White Chocolate & Coconut Canapes!

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images via devnaa facebook

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  1. Ahh these look delish! Will check out their website x


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