Brooch Bouquets by Fantasy Floral Designs

Every now again i see something that is just insanely beautiful, These labour of love bouquets are created by Amanda Heer from Fantasy Floral Designs made from brooches you have, so no two are alike...  if you like these go here to see more eye candy!

Hello my name is Amanda Heer, Professional Floral Designer/Stylist/Artist
I am the owner of Fantasy Floral Designs and the creator of the Vintage Brooch Bouquets that have become a new trend since they were first introduced to the internet in Oct 09. I created the first brooch bouquet for my own wedding 10 years ago and it is still in perfect condition today. I was lucky enough to hand mine down to Cameron (my daughter) for her wedding in Dec 09.

What makes these bouquets so wonderful is that they are made from family treasures and jewelry. Anything can be used that has special meaning to the Bride and her family, consider this the bride’s life in her bouquet. They are very emotional everlasting works of art, and are so much more in person and so very exciting just to hold your very own.

50 to 60 Pieces will be needed, Such as wine corks/earrings/military pins/boy scout badges/moms vintage wedding dress buttons or lace/little / vintage watch turned to the brides wedding time/brooches/bracelets/old strands of pearls/rings/Locket/scrabble pieces.
After you have collected all the pieces for your custom bouquet the bride ships the treasures to me, all the while we have complete contact at all times during the creation of the bouquet. Special pieces need to be labeled as such and filler pieces need to be separated so the most important pieces are showcased on the top. I will send you an information form for you to complete and ship with your items.  I then design your custom Brooch Bouquet into a work of art that can be treasured forever and ship the completed bouquet back to the bride with tracking and insurance upon completion. The bouquet will be shipped back to the bride at least 2 weeks before the wedding day or as needed back by the bride. They have been ordered from and shipped all over the world.  

What do you think?? I haven't came across any asian brides with these bouquets but i look forward to that day as these are just beautiful. 
so if your looking for something different and or want to have a keepsake memento from your wedding this is for you.

If like me you like the vintage feel to your bouquet then check out the post i did last year here also see vintage magpie :)
oh and tomorrow more luxe flower power!!

images via amanda heer

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