Karisma Kapur Editorial with Harper’s Bazaar India January 2011

Ah karishma kapoor or is it karisma kapur*, i couldn't help but laugh at what Sonali at bollywood style diaries said on her blog  Karishma + photoshop = Karisma:-) 

But hey we'll stick with LoLo can't go wrong with that right?? either way she looks rather hot in this shoot. She been in some of my favourite films, but I'm not sure if i can handle her coming back to films!!

*karisma kapur is how her name is spelt on the cover of the magazine


  1. i liked this editorial the first time i saw it...though in some shots she looks heavily photoshopped :s faves: white gown, black and white and last pic.

    plus regarding the name thing, 'kapoor' is her maiden name, 'kapur' is her husbands last name.

  2. the last pic is my fav2..oh so thats what it is, the name thing that is, thanks for clearing that up!


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