Urban Prettiness Inspiration Shoot

I was never a girlie girl but in the past few years I have embraced my inner girlie, therefore if came as no surprise that I literally squealed with delight when I saw these pictures, the ultimate in wedding inspiration.

Designed by Nathalie at Luxe Fete Event Planning and Design Studio, every picture is utterly drop dead gorgeous, it’s not only the height of prettiness, but it’s got a certain sexy glamorous feel to it to.

Wouldn’t you just love to be a guest at a wedding like this?? I know I would, and I think it’s even gave me some ideas from my bedroom( which is in dire need of a revamp) especially loving the mirrors tres chic don’t you think?

Here's more about the shoot from the lovely and talented Nathalie - 

This concept photoshoot is our interpretation of an urban love story. We sought to design something industrial yet ethereal, glamorous yet raw, and something just plain ole' pretty. The minute I knew we were designing something with an urban flavor is the minute I knew we had to do it at The Nuage Studio. The Nuage Studio is 6,000 square feet of bare open walls, high ceilings and smoky gray elements - perfect to ground the pretty and girly elements we wanted to play with. All of this in MIAMI.
While touring the space we fell in love with their tall, stark white crocodile-textured royal table and high back sofas. We paired the table with Kartell inspired bar stools because (a) they are sleek and (b) they allow you to absorb the open space, a feeling we definitely wanted to invoke. One of my favorite elements is the natural cracks in the concrete floor. Something haunting about them, something beautiful about them, something real.
To soften the design, we paired beautiful pink peonies and roses with rough edges like chipped mirror containers, cracked goblets and crocodile-textured furniture. We then tried to infuse glamour by incorporating a grouping of three fabulous floor sized Venetian mirrors and an amazing modern chandelier from Modani. Textured linens, like a deconstructed rosette, a micro sequined, the classic pintuck and a super-fab Flokati rug in the lounge area tied everything together so romantically. Mirrors + Pink Peonies + a Loft Space = URBAN PRETTINESS.

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  1. Jaw dropping. Gorgeous. I LOVE this post! I especially love the use of peonies (my favourite flower lol)


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