To counter or to not counter - Bridal Make Up at the beauty counter

Having your make up done on the big day is something that is very high up on the list of things to do for the wedding, we ask around, look in the magazines and go for trials to ensure we look our best, and we trust that a makeup artist will do that.

Earlier this year when it came time to get some party makeup done, and having just had a good and bad experience at my brothers wedding with a MUA, not to mention the price so I decided to do it my self but with some help.

Most makeup artist use MAC and Bobbi Brown, Chanel.  So what about going to the root, the girl behind the counter, and most now use trained makeup artist to sell their products.

I booked myself into Bobbi Brown for a lesson, after an hour I had bought my very first foundation, ( yes they have a sales pitch/ some are more pushy that others) but I only bought what I wanted but the best part was being show how to apply the product to achieve a certain looks.

After more enquiries I was also told for wedding makeup they could give a bridal lesson or they could come out to the bride and you also get a voucher to redeem with products.

Later in the year a friends booked the a "mac" girl for her bridal makeup she looked stunning on her day and I’m told it didn’t cost as much as other MUA has quoted

Now you may be thinking its mostly non asian working on the counter, and yes you would be right, and my friend did say she had to show her some pictures and explain the “Indian/Pakistani look” she wanted, and her sister helped a little with the dupatta setting, but that’s not bad considering the price.

Personally if you’re the bride I would say get your makeup done, it’s your day and its one last thing to worry about, but party make up….go book a lesson!

Next time I’m asked about recommending for bridal makeup, I might just point to a makeup counter :)


Please note this is my personal opinion and my own experience.  I am by no means saying don’t book a MUA that are in bridal magazines or else where. Most makeup counters offer bridal makeup, you just need to shop around.

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