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Its ironic that I'm a wedding blogger, you see my "wedding" didn't exactly go well, {don't get me wrong im happily married see below}, but first hand, I've seen & had it all go wrong, in fact its crazy that all these years later it still hurts, reading this, made me sad, I'm not the only one, so lessons are there to be learned. My mistakes maybe why I'm so passionate about weddings now, and all for couple doing their thing, being pro active & spending money in the right places.

Having someone that can capture your day right is so important. We don't bat an eye lid, and seem happy to spend x amount so many things like dress, decor, cars, entertainment which literally are for the day itself, {not that these are any less important} yet freak out at the price of photography, that will stay with us for a life time..please do read the article.. its eye opening. especially if your thinking of not going with a professional photographer

you will have to excuse the sporadic posting, I have had a lot to get my head round lately, but some major exciting stuff is happening, as i get thing confirmed i will tell you more, and that's all is I'm saying...i have a habit of saying something and then it not happening for weeks...ahem

Being happily married part went up a notch today, seems that all the time i think my husband isn't listening to me, he is, and taking notes for that matter, for today he came home and told me i had a blogging workshop to attend!! i do? yup damn right i do....run by one of my blogging hero's, cant wait, breathe!

gotta love the zooey!  i want a fringe again, but iv just spent last few month growing it out

I'm loving this are you?? but i must say i don't agree with the glorification of sheesha {am i just saying that as i haven't tried it?}

thats all for now, have a fab weekend

Rabbia xoxo

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