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Jay Sean became a brand ambassador when Saran Kohli  designed and styled a collection for the  25 Year Anniversary for
 “Mani Kohli’s Khubsoorat Collection”.

I remember seeing Jay Sean in the above shoot, wearing one of Sarans designs,  its made him look all kinds of HOT! Certainly made me sit up and take notice, fusing urban style with the essence British tailoring,  its no wonder this Graduate from London College of Fashion has all the stars wanting to be dressed by him, be it for the red carpet or a music videos. The lists reads like a who's who of celebrities JLS, Jay Sean, Fugitive, Mumzy Stranger, Junai Kaden, DJ Ironik, H Dhami, Juggy D, Ameet Chana (Bend it Like Beckham), Bikram Singh, Karan Singh Pangali to name but a few.

Known for his signature slim cuts, with the use of luxurious fabrics silk, wool, velvet and jacquard, the style is distinctive and edgy

There is also the fact that creativity and design run in his blood, his mother designer Mani Kohli, of Khubsoorat Collection is the pioneer of South Asian Fashion in the UK. His elder sister is doing the brand proud Stateside with Khubsoorat by Geetanjali Singh with stores in New York & New Jersey. 

It was only a matter of time that the the Industry would applaud Saran his hard work and talent. He walked away with Best Newcomer in Fashion Design for Saran Menswear at the 2nd Annual International Asian Fashion Awards.

 Designer, Stylist, Artist, Award Winner ~ Saran Kohli 

Saran Kohli - Source
I started designing because…. It's a ever evolving expression that portraits my feelings, concepts and moods onto physical form.

I was attracted to designing wedding attire because…It's that one day that means the most and most requires the best to describe what you feel for your other half

Where do you get your inspiration from? Inspired by my born love of dancing, music and global travel that infuses different cultures

Who is the Saran Kohli customer? 18-45+ who believes is craftsmanship, individualist, wanting the extra touch and blend eccentricity in their wardrobe. A global traveller also believer in heritage.

My style is…classical sartorial with London street edge with a hint Indian royalty

The perfect outfit should …Stand for quality, a projection of strengths in your personality

Brides/Grooms visiting my studio will find… layers, depth and a wide range of attire catering for every occasion in a Man's Wardrobe...from casual to alternative evening wear

My biggest achievement to date is…Making my mom proud of my identity

In my dreams, I’d…be the biggest Bollywood star, dancing under almost every tree with every heroine!

I am...Kohli Saab

You probably won’t know this but…my first love is dancing, I start at the age of 4 watching Michael Jackson and Prabu Deva...wearing MJ costumes and dancing in the living room...later ages, dancing took me places travelling the world and created my own street dance crew by the name of "Snach"

My next challenge will be…To discover the roots of Indian textiles and churn into modern contemporary pieces.

I predict brides/grooms will be will be wearing {next} … brides will head more towards the traditional looks with today's modern design sensibilities and Grooms will have a lot more Structured Nehrus with accessories I.e, shawls, turbans, waistcoats which will play a very important role to existing ensembles.

JLS Editorial Shoot for Asiana magazine ~  see the rest here
Junai Kaden was styled by &  had a black jacket designed, that he wore near the end of the video for Jabbi Teri Yaad . Here

I wanted to end this with, a big thanks to Saran for coming on the blog. and how genuinely lovely and humble Saran is, OK I haven't met him, but believe me when i say this you can really tell about about someone, by they way the talk, email or even tweet you.

Typically designer's can be known for a certain attitude, yet he who is the brink of global domination's {hes working on the brand in Delhi right now} is so warm and friendly.

"I love being personal with my customers and that's the only way both create a special relationship regardless if they get a shirt or a sherwani" 

So you see, being talented makes you pretty great, but having the right attitude to go along with it, well that's what makes you awesome!!

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104 Green Street
London E78JG
Tel: 02084750037 London. New York. New Delhi

profile photo credit asingh photography

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