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Finally an update, it has as you all know been a tragic week in the UK, I was in Manchester city centre this afternoon and you couldn’t help but notice all the boarded up windows :( sad times. Let’s hope if any good come out of these events it’s that we retain this sense of community that has come out in us all.

Now notice anything different on the blog, I had a little play around with the look of it last week, it’s still pretty basic but I’m happy for now {not sure how long it will be before i change it again}

On to the news, my girls will be starting school and nursery in September, so I have been looking for a JOB!! A dreary prospect indeed! I have no enthusiasm for it what so ever and honestly it would mean wedding blogging would be on the back burner.

So i thought to myself why can’t I just do what I’m doing, and make this my job? Crazy I know, but it has been done, lots of people turn hobby into work, so I have decided to take that leap of faith.

Me – Self Employed! I have a new feeling of excitement which is also mixed with some pressure and even a little anxiety, to earn! My only worry is that the fun may be sucked right out of blogging. Well see…

So what does this mean for the blog? Well it’s still going to all the usual stuff, if anything I would expect I can bring it up a notch.

The main area for revenue will be advertising/sponsorship. So if you like you can now have a pretty little ad of the blog :) For a while now i have wanted to start a wedding directory which will have vendors from all over the UK, not just certain parts, and love thy vendor; this will be handpicked guide,of people that you will recommend, at last there both taking shape!

The blog has always been about ideas that you can really use for your wedding, and giving inspiration so you can have your day your way! I hope to always maintain that.

Lets start with what can only be the wedding of the year Ken & Barbie!! oh yess here

DIY Ombre Tablecloth, intrigued? here

Cupcake craving much?? here {only click this link if you can go out and get a cupcake}

Want your man looking slick? here

Glitter + Red + Shoes = Want here

The prettiest cupcakes this week! here

Finally i want to leave you with some thoughts about the riots from fellow wedding blogger

great ideas - random acts of kindness here

a reflective and thoughtful post here

ps I'd like to have a guest post every week,  so if you have a blog or not, and fancy doing one {as long as its in the realms of wedding} drop me an email at asianweddingideas@gmail.com

See you tomorrow

Rabbia oxox

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