Tracy & Nirmal's Wedding Film

Now i know on blog there is a tendency to gush over everything, and you do wonder is it really that super duper fabulous, well actually yes, and only now as i blog, i know why, i only want to post things i like, no make that love, why else would you post.

I came across first kiss films a few months back and was just hoping that they would have a wedding I could feature and well here is it. Now while you watch this film you may begin to think it looks a little different, unique, classy or vintage! 

Well the reason behind that is that its shot in 100% real film - both super 8 and 16mm.. But what does that mean well I asked the oh so talented Bridget at first kiss films to explain all!!

"Real film mean’s not shot digitally (or as some say, on video). Film has been around for 100 years and is still the medium most professionals prefer to work in because of the gorgeous, warm and "real" quality the images have. So imagine having your wedding day captured this way! I find that many of my clients do not want to be shot in HD video as it can show every imperfection whereas film actually makes everything appear more beautiful, similar to the way a poem or a painting can enhance the beauty of something. Plus, if properly stored, film can remain as beautiful as the day it was photographed, even 100 years later! It is the only true archival medium."
Still confused.. check out bridgets posts about film as a medium which should explain what

"real" film means: here

Now to Tracy and Nirmals beautiful film...enjoy!!


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