Eat, Pray, Love!

Have you seen the movie Eat Love and Pray?
I’ve read the book which I loved and that maybe the reason I haven’t seen it. Seldom do the film adaptations live up to the book. But I’m having second thoughts after having seen these pictures.

Especially as it was the movie that inspired, the very creative Dionne of - City of Dionne, to have a lunch based on themes in the film. In the movie Julia Roberts who plays the main character spends time in Italy, India and Indonesia and does eat, pray and love!

I quite liked this idea for a mendhi or sangeet, which can be more informal, with having the guest on brightly colored cushions, with low lights.

Flickering candles set the mood

Rich Colours

How about taking your guests on a culinary tour: Starter from Indonesia - Satay.
Mains from India – Curry, Naan. Dessert from Italy - Pannacotta, Tiramisu.

Give an exotic feel with far flung flowers like Water Lilly, Lotus, Lilly, Orchid, Frangipani, and Gardenia.
Again just some ideas, It’s merely a case of incorporating, some ideas like fabrics, colours and flower, which could be done with any of your favourite films but remember less is more and this is especially true of a wedding.

Thanks to Dionne - http://notesfromdionne.blogspot.com for allowing to me use her pictures via project wedding.

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