Sarah & Ahmer's Fantastic Films!!

Some more fantastic work from The Hakim Sons Team. Here's what the team had to about the couple..enjoy!

"Two days with a sweet, beautiful couple can spoil you, but we’re so glad we had the opportunity to be a part of Sarah and Ahmer’s wedding celebrations. I know the couple and their families have been waiting anxiously to see the wedding highlights, so here they are! We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed capturing every moment."


"Sarah and Ahmer called upon the Hakim Sons team to do something out of this world to surprise their family and friends during their reception. This couple was willing to do whatever it took to make this happen, so we came up with a concept which included an instant edit of their mehndi celebrations on Thursday. Jaws dropped on Saturday night during the reception, the guests still can’t stop talking about this film, and Sarah and Ahmer can’t be more thrilled. Mission accomplished!" 



Shezad Manjee- Cinematographer
Ayaz Ali- Cinematographer
Jose Medina- Cinematographer, Editor

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