Sharon Nayak Week - Inspiration for the Chic/City/Retro/Jet Set/Old School Bollywood Bride

Get ready for a visual feast, you may have already seen these pictures, and if you have, well lucky you, you get see them all over again, if not, be ready for superlative overdrive. Thanks to Asiya who posted these a couple of weeks ago, and i discovered the incredible talent that is Sharon Nayak..(yes yes I'm a little sloooow)

Over the course of the next few days you will also see exactly what is so amazing!!
To begin with I'll start with the pictures that bowled me over in the first place.. Look closely and you will see all the bridal inspiration you'll ever need.

note - this look doesn't necessary require a private jet!! but diamonds are a girls best friend

All images via Sharon Nayak - Print campaign for Tanishq an Indian brand of Diamond Jewellery.

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