Wedding Post Box..Keeping all your cards safe!

I have the same dilemma at every wedding... who to give the wedding card too.
And its no wonder, family members usually say give it to the bride and the bride who quite rightly say’s give it to a family member. Seeing as, most lengha’s don’t come with a card holder.
And when i do hand it to someone, it’s just placed on any old table, then you’ll here me say, rather sheepishly “It has money in it”!
So imagine my delight when I saw these wedding boxes, what a great idea.
Now you might think I have so much family I’ll get my auntie’s sons, wife’s son to look after them, but why even lay that duty on anyone, and as far as the rest of family and friends, the day itself is such a whirlwind that it can be hard to keep track of these. 

Depending on who you go with these post boxes can be bought, hired and personalised.
You could even make a feature of your Post Box by having it on the table with the cake and bouquets.

Now all you need is someone to point out the post box and keep and eye on it :)

Handcrafted Personalised Post Box

Metal Post Box for Hire Fully Lockable
Wishing Wells

the instantly recognisable, classic royal mail post box (UK customers only) you can have this in other colours

classic style information panel which can be personalised



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