DIY Manzanita Tree and Wish Card Templates

I do love a spot of DIY and I’ve found this great post on Wedding Chicks. Great following on from the wishing tree post.  www.weddingchicks.com/sweet-deals/1696/diy-manzanita-tree-and-wish-card-templates/

It’s a step by step guide to creating a base for a Manzanita branch, which in turn you can use as a wishing tree or even a centerpiece. There’s also a printable wish card template.
The reason Manzanita is so popular is their unique shape, color, and strength when dried. But you have an alternative and it’s in your own back garden! Simple branches can be just as good. So if you do go collecting make sure you also you allow the branches to dry before to begin to build. And if you plan on hanging heavier objects from the branches like votives check there strong enough to hold them without breaking.


Few other things to think about

  • Container – You’ll see a simple plant pot has been used, and depending on your theme you can use whatever you like. A wide vase, pail.
  • Foral Foam - you will most definitely need this to keep the branches in place, again in the post both foam and plaster of Paris have been used. All this can be easily hidden with beads, marbles, crystals, or petals
  • Paint/Glue/Glitter - you’ll need this if you’re not leaving the branch in its natural state.  Use any colour you like depending on your theme.  Silver/White is popular.
  • Decorate – let you imagination run wild here. Flowers, strands of crystal, Butterflies, silk or preserved flowers, hanging votive.  I like the idea of dry amaranthus or orchids.
  • Wish Card -  You could use any paper or card you like and use a hole punch, then pull a piece of ribbon, raffia or twine through each one. Scatter across the table or place them in a beautiful bowl for guests to write their wishes to the two of you. 

All talk no action; I’m going to attempt this next week and will post pictures on the final result!


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