Bridal Make Up Tutorial - Pink & Gold by MakeupAdikt

I've mastered the art of the smokey eye, quite happily sport the new dark lips trend, and own a MAC 217 brush (perfect for blending) and this is all despite being a tom boy as a teenager and not spending hours experimenting with makeup.  How is this possible you may wonder, well i have had some help, and that help came in the form of someone i didn't even know, in fact i don't know any of them, but i trust and respect there opinion and its a little like a friend telling you what to do, I am talking about online make up tutorials, or tuts as there more commonly known online.

There are literally thousands of women and men doing makeup tutorials every day, and I've seen my fair share, but there are a few who are not only a joy to watch but incredibly talented, and that quite nicely brings me to one of my favorites Asma Yakub, or better know as MakeupAdikt.

I'm very pleased she's allowed me to post this video on the blog today. Its a bridal look using pink and gold. Watch Enjoy Learn!

can't see the video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=El87QXW_7RE

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