Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh oh-oh Stop Baby Time

I had a rather long and thought provoking blog planned for today, but it's just not suiting  my mood at all, we have had a new addition into our family today (not me my brother and sis in law had a little girl) can you imagine blogging while in labour eek!! 

so I'm off now for some major cuddles, but fear not next week I will bore you with that post oh and more wedding eye candy of course. plus i have links for you which i'll try get up this weekend at some point :)

Have a great weekend what ever your doing!?

ps anyone heard of or tried HD eyebrows?


  1. congratulations to you brother and sister-in-law! And to you, on becoming an aunt!

  2. Aww thanks ladies...jeez babies are hard work!!


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